Places to Visit on a Weekend Tour to Chennai

The state of Tamil Nadu has many places to see and undeniably a beautiful place to visit. There are many people who visit Chennai to see its evergreen scenery. Apart from foreign tourists, there are many local tourists from the neighbouring states who come to Chennai for a weekend and rent a car for a weekend trip.

Chennai is a vast place filled with heritage and natural beauty that can win over anyone’s heart. It has a unique ambiance of home-like feeling that has dazzled many tourists and compelled many others to stay for a few more days. A weekend trip around such place can definitely help you to clear your mind and set a new energy in your body. The weekend tours are kind of a trend for the people living in Chennai too. After a busy week at the office, people often tend to take a weekend trip to nearby places that calm them down so they can be productive on their Monday at the office. On the contrary to parties and other clubbing activities, people can enjoy themselves more if they take trips like this. Here are some places near Chennai where you can go for a weekend trip and enjoy yourselves.

Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills is one of the best places to visit on weekends if you are near Chennai. Kolli hill is enriched with magnificent viewpoints. This place is often found packed in the winter season and is really beautiful when covered with mist and fog. A road trip to Kolli hills with your friends or your loved one can be a great plan for the weekend.



Nagalapuram is a magnificent village in the district of Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh state. The fact that this is only 70 km from Chennai makes it a hotspot weekend trip for people visiting Chennai. People often rent a car and visit Nagalapuram with their family and friends. There is a chain of different temples and different waterfalls that can make your weekend.

Yelagiri Hills

Yelagiri Hills

This spot near Chennai is kind of an alone trip place if you are feeling to explore yourself. This secluded mountain is home to unexplored terrain to pleasant weather. It can really help you to put the load of work down for a moment and able to enjoy the nature just the way it is. Apart from the views, there are many trekking activities near the hills of Yelagiri.



Pondicherry often known as pondy is actually one of the union territories of India and the largest one among them. The city of Pondicherry is home to many heritage sites that are worth visiting on your weekend. The distance between Chennai and Pondicherry is nearly 156 km which opens up the scope for a road trip. The homes in this place are designed according to different architecture that is worth seeing. You can definitely enjoy your weekend if you visit Pondicherry.

Here are some of the best places near Chennai that is worth visiting on a weekend. You can pay a visit to these places one weekend at a time and keep exploring for other options for a weekend trip. You can rent a car to visit these places from local online platforms such as Tamil Nadu Routes. There are many people who love to take a Tour Of Tamil Nadu for whom all these places are a perfect vacation spot.


Renowned Churches in Tamil Nadu

The state of Tamil Nadu is renowned for many things such as its culture, heritage, traditions, and a perfect blend of divinity and technology. Tamil Nadu has set an example for people living in harmony amongst technology and temples where they consider them both important. This is the reason Tamil Nadu is included in the list of developing states.

Tamil Nadu has many titles to its name because of its varied cultural heritage. Also known as the ‘Land of Temples’, Tamil Nadu is a hotspot for pilgrims. Tamil Nadu attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over the world every year to its churches and temples. Undeniably the temples are over a thousand year old and majestic, but the churches in Tamil Nadu also have a rich history and heritage. The construction and architecture of the churches are inspired by international architectures which are still cherished by pilgrims and visitors alike. Apart from the aesthetics of the churches, it is also considered that the churches have some special powers that can help you with the issues in your life. Hence it is the reason that these churches of Tamil Nadu are renowned and here are some of those churches.

San Thome Cathedral Basilica


San Thome Cathedral Basilica was a church at first which was built in 16th century by the Portuguese at Santhome Chennai. This church was dedicated to Saint Thomas, an apostle of Jesus Christ who came to India in 52 AD and was martyred in 78 AD at the same spot where the church stands. This church was later reconstructed into a cathedral according to Neo-Gothic style by the British Empire in 1893. This church is an epicenter of pilgrims from all over the world because it holds a significant place in the history of Christianity and its formation in India.

Saint George’s Cathedral


The Saint George’s Cathedral was first opened in 1815 which was completely designed and constructed according to the neoclassical style of architecture. The windows of the church portray many significant events in Christianity such as baptism of Christ, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, etc. The atmosphere of the church is absolutely divine and that is the reason it attracts many pilgrims over the year from all around the world.

Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health


This church is most prominent among pilgrims from all around the world that is located in Velankanni, a small town in Tamil Nadu. This church was built over time from a small church to a basilica that was finally completed by Portuguese sailors who were believed to be saved by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself. The church received its recognition as a ‘Minor Basilica’ by the Pope John XIII in 1962. This church attracts thousands of pilgrims every year from all corners of the world, where people believe that all their wishes are fulfilled if they pray with utter faith.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was constructed in the year 1895 by the then Archbishop Mgr. Gandy in Pondicherry. This church was dedicated to the generous heart of Lord Jesus Christ that would represent all the good deeds and sacrifices of Jesus Christ. The construction of the church is a specimen of Gothic architecture that has rare glass panels portraying the life events of Jesus Christ. In recent years, the faithful heard of Christian followers from all around the world have accepted it as a prominent and divine pilgrim spot.

Here are some of the famous churches in Tamil Nadu that reflect the belief of Christian followers from all around the world. The main aim to visit these churches is to rejuvenate the faith that you have for God by witnessing the influence of his presence in people’s lives. If you wish to visit these places then there are many Tamil Nadu Tourism Packages available on online platforms that provide Christian pilgrimage tours at cost-efficient rates.

5 Significant Historical Landmarks of Chennai

Chennai was one of the prominent cities during the British rule in India. It was one of the headquarters of East India Company where officers and governors used to live and rule the nearby places of Chennai. Chennai is filled with buildings that were constructed according to British architecture. The houses, forts, museums, building build during that time are still maintained and preserved as landmarks.

This has left a historical impact on Chennai where it represents the dominance of the old British Empire. Apart from the monuments from British Empire, there are many monuments that are older. Chennai is home to many temples that were created before India was invaded. Some temples are even older than 1000 years and considered to have mystical powers that can heal all your problems.

The historical monuments are a part of the cultural heritage of Chennai and there are several tourists who visit Chennai to visit these monuments. People from all over the world come to visit these places to get away from their routine life and cherish the beauty of these monuments. Here are some of the historical landmarks that you should visit when you visit Chennai.

1. Fort St. George


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Pack Light, Have Fun, and Travel Cheap – 4 Amazing Tips

Do you look pictures of beautiful places on social media and dream to visit that place? Don’t worry you are not alone there are many people who are the victim of travel bug but don’t have a budget to go to that place. Travelling is a great experience where you can learn about different people and different places and above all, you can discover yourself.


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Travelling – A Worthy Learning Experience

There have been many people around the world who claim to have acquired priceless knowledge through travelling. The travelling has helped many people find their inspiration whether it was a place, a mountain, a tree, or another person. Travelling has been the key to expand the knowledge horizon where people would travel far and have learned and shared cultures and traditions.


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Best Places You Need to Visit in Tamil Nadu

It is an undeniable statement that India is really an incredible country and there is no doubt about it. Every state in India is unique in its own way, whether you look at it from the perspective of culture, language, people, traditions, or customs. It is a whole new world for every place you visit in this beautiful country. Whether you go to the south of the country or north, you will meet different people and you will witness different traditions and culture, but one thing is for sure that you will have the best experience regardless of the direction.

Best Places to visit in Tamilnadu

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