Mesmerizing Places In South India For Newlyweds

After the months of planning, to the eventual hustle and bustle of the big day, finally, the time comes when you can spend some quality time with your newly wedded spouse. The honeymoon package is generally decided months in advance, but you can also make a last minute booking with the Best South India Tour Packages or other tour packages if you don’t mind going the road less traveled. Here are a few options that you have for your Instagram worthy honeymoon destination.

Top Station, Munnar, Kerala

With pristine tea planted hills, deep valleys and winding roads, Munnar is one of the best places you can go with your loved one for a honeymoon. It is a pure bliss destination and dreamland for just married couples.

Honeymoon Destinations in South India

While at Munnar, you can go to Top Station, a point 1,700 meters above sea level on the Munnar-Kodaikanal road. This is where you can enjoy panoramic views of the Western Ghats. In fact, getting to Top Station itself gives you amazing views of the entire mountain range with a cool breeze enveloping you.

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

One of the best beaches in the world, the Radhanagar beach on Havelock Island is a sight you will cherish for a lifetime. This beach has turquoise blue sands and white sands which gives it a mesmerizing view. Tall palm trees complete the perfect honeymoon Instagram picture.

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Most of you must have never heard of this place before. This is a hill station in Tamil Nadu known for its tranquillity, a place so unknown, it isn’t flocked by tourists. This entire hill station is covered by a blanket of sandalwood, teak and silver oak trees. A boat ride on the Yercaud lake is highly recommended along with an evening to the Lady’s Seat.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty, a hill station settled amidst four mountain peaks, is one of the best places you can go if you are fond of the mountains. Its cool climate along with the iconic toy train makes it a must visit spot. You can trek for hours in the wilderness with the company of your loved one and enjoy every moment of it.

Coorg, Karnataka

Popularly known as the Scotland of the East, Coorg is one place which is known for its sweet smell of coffee and big mountains. Here, you can visit the legendary Iruppu and Abbey falls which gives you the perfect canvas for amazing pictures to post on Instagram.

Karwar, Karnataka

Against the hustle and bustle of tourists at Goa, Karwar, a small sleepy town 50 kilometers from Goa is the best place for an amazing beach holiday with your newly wedded spouse. It offers beaches as picturesque as Goa but without the commercialization that comes with it. For those of you who prefer seclusion, this is the place to be

Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Coonoor is a place for fairy tales. Here you get to see rolling hills, lush green tea estates, and dreamy landscapes. You can also visit Dolphin’s nose for a breathtaking view of all the tea estates.


4 Most Exhilarating Activities That You Can Experience In Tamil Nadu

The adrenaline is a really addictive thing where once you had a rush it seems impossible to get rid of it. Once the adrenaline becomes an addiction, these people find adventurous things to do where they feel the speed and the imminent gust of wind to their face which helps them calm down. There are many adventurous places around the world where the fun never seems to stop for the adrenaline junkies. India has been a hotspot for adventure sports for quite some time. There are many states where the government and many private organizations have set up many adventure sports for tourists from all around the world.

Tamil Nadu is a state where the natural conditions have allowed the organizers to arrange many heart throbbing activities for the tourists. The activities are completely depended on the natural conditions of the area. For example, if you are scuba diving you need clean water and a rich aquatic life to completely enjoy the experience. Hence the adventure and natural beauty are two sides of a coin to be experienced and Tamil Nadu is a state that is made for such experiences. Here are some of the most exhilarating activities that you can experience in Tamil Nadu.

Paragliding At Nilgiris


The Nilgiri hills or better known as the queen of hills is not a name that was given to it. The Nilgiri hills earned the name by being the most beautiful hill in the Tamil Nadu. The heights of Nilgiri Mountains and hills give the paragliders a natural condition for flying. Hence these heights have been a haven for many paragliding junkies around the world. Many travellers from all around the world who are paragliders definitely visit the mountains of Nilgiris.

Deep Sea Diving At Rameshwaram


The Rameshwaram is much popular for being a pilgrimage for many believers around the world. But one other type of people that Rameshwaram attracts is the adrenaline Junkies who crave for the depths of the ocean. The scuba diving or deep sea diving is a water-based adventure sport where the diver is equipped with oxygen and other gear which allows them to explore the marine life of the place. Talk about marine life, Rameshwaram has a rich marine life filled with rare fishes and corals. Hence Rameshwaram is a hotspot for divers from all around the world.

Water Sports At Sulur Lake

The water sports itself has many activities such as kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, etc. The Sulur Lake is a hotspot for such adventurous water sports where tourists gather in the magnitude of thousands. The Sulur Lake is located near Coimbatore border where it is known for the natural aesthetics and beauty. The people who look for speed and an out of the charts adrenaline rush, the Sulur Lake, and its water sports is the best choice for them. The Sulur Lake is also known for its amazing beauty apart from the adventurous activities. So if you ever visit Tamil Nadu then make sure that Sulur Lake is included in your Tamil Nadu Tour Packages List.

Rock climbing at Thirumoorthy Hills and Dam

Also located near Coimbatore within a one-hour drive reach the Thirumoorthy Hills and Dam is one of the most beautiful places. The Thirumoorthy Hills and Dam have amazing sceneries where the hills cater the adrenaline junkies the needs of Rock climbing. The rock climbing is a well-adopted sport in many countries and so the Thirumoorthy Hills and Dam attracts a lot of tourists every year. The climber is protected with a harness to prevent the fall but has to use the complete force of his/her arms to climb the rocks. Hence it is a really heart throbbing experience to enjoy if you are ever in Tamil Nadu.

Here are the 4 most adventurous activities that you can do if you are ever in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu is an amazing place where many different types of travellers come every year. The state of Tamil Nadu attracts many tourists who wish to explore the world, who love to experience the natural beauty, witness the cultural heritage, etc. But if you are a type of tourist who wishes to feel the adrenaline rush through their body, then you must definitely visit the above-mentioned places.

An Elaborate Travel Experience with Tamil Nadu Routes

The state of Tamil Nadu is a magnificent place where people come to cherish their free time with nature, culture, and tradition. The peaceful atmosphere is the main reason tourists from far countries come and visit Tamil Nadu. The specialty of Tamil Nadu is that regardless of the season, Tamil Nadu always remains at its prime and this means Tamil Nadu remains beautiful all year long. The Tamil Nadu has a rich variety of natural sceneries, cultural heritage, and historical buildings. It would take a lot more time to visit all these places which is the main reason that tourists that come here are the real travellers who live to travel. Hence they live here for many days at a time and then visit the places.


The state of Tamil Nadu is a hotspot tourist place in India which has empowered many travel businesses such as Tamil Nadu routes to introduce travel packages. These travel packages help the traveller to enjoy the real Tour Of Tamil Nadu by seeing sights and experiencing all the adventures. The Tamil Nadu routes is a travel planner in the state of Tamil Nadu where the traveller can enjoy the travel in an elaborate way. Here are some of the travel packages that are prominent among their users.

Hill Station Tour

The Hill station tour is a complete tour of all the major hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Starting from Kodaikanal, this trip progresses to Ooty and then to Coimbatore. This 5-day trip will take you through the most prominent places in the Tamil Nadu. The tips are through beautiful valleys, lakes, waterfalls, hills etc. This tour package also includes flight and hotel booking, complimentary breakfast, a rental car if required, etc. You can enjoy the natural beauty that Tamil Nadu has to offer with this tour package.

Five Elements Tour

The Pancha Bootham which literally translates to five elements is a group of five temples which are dedicated to the most important five elements which are responsible for life. These five temples are spread out across all over South India. The five elements tour package takes the traveller on a trip of these five temples where the journey starts in Chennai then progresses to Kalahasthi , Tirupathi, Kanchipuram, Thiruvannamalai, Chidambaram, Kumbakonam and then to Trichy. This six-day trip offers the traveller a cultural perspective of Tamil Nadu to the traveller.

Spiritual & Pilgrimage Tour

The spiritual tour covers all the religiously significant places in the state of Tamil Nadu. The trip begins from Chennai and progresses to Kalahasthi , Tirupathi, Kanchipuram, Mamallapuram, Thiruvannamalai, Pondichery, Chidambaram, Gangaikondhacholapuram, Kumbakonam, Tanjavur, Trichy, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, and then to Trivandrum. This ten-day trip offers the sights and prayers in the prominent temples of not only Tamil Nadu but also India.

Custom Tour Packages

The Tamil Nadu routes offer a custom package to the customers where they can design their own package. The customer can fill their favourite destination out of which the travel agents will make the trip and estimate the price for you. This package has an advantage of choosing all the places of your likings and also saving yourself from the hassle of finding a place to stay. The travel agent will find the best place for you to stay within your budget. Hence it is really beneficial to sign up for custom tour packages.

Here are some of the prominent tour packages on Tamil Nadu Routes. If you are looking to take your family on a Tamil Nadu trip then these tour packages will help you to enjoy at an affordable price. Tamil Nadu is a place that you should definitely visit once in your lifetime.

Perfect Packing for Weekend Trip in less than 30 minutes

For every tip, you need to pack your bags rightly. There is always a dilemma for what to bring and what not no matter the length of the trip. Waiting until the last minute for packing is not the problem until you don’t know what to pack. It will take a lot of deliberation to pick according to the location and mood to spend the weekend.

After location, it is also necessary to do packing as per your traveling suit as per flight/train or other to fit your itinerary. Go with tips that provide you with the best possible way of packing in less than 30 minutes. I have experienced these packing tips in my Tour Of Tamilnadu.

Perfect Packing for Weekend Trip in less than 30 minutes

Make a List

Firstly make a list of things which are essential for the trip that should be with you. I keep an ongoing checklist of items with me on my phone (phone charger, sunscreen, cleanser, camera, water bottle, etc). It depends on you to add essential items to your checklist as per your need to spend a weekend like stylish, playful, sexy or casual. If you are ready with your checklist, it makes packing much easier than ever before.

Roll your Clothes

As per your planned trip, many variations can be possible while packing clothes but will keep it simple and less clumsy. You can arrange packing of clothes as per your required clothes to keep which consumes less space and lightweight.

I always believe in utilizing less space and comfortable packing by rolling clothes rather than to fold it. It helps to take out easy as it kept similar items together which even saves your time while picking up. Mostly clothes have been rolled helps to avoid Wrinkle and you can easily see it while opening a bag.

Pack Your Bag Minimally

You don’t always need as much as you think for. Many times it happens that we don’t actually wear clothes which are been packed. Pack things which can be used multiple times rather than unnecessary things which are less used. In my last trip where I had to pack my bags minimally which helped me to keep my bag light weighted and tour of Tamilnadu much unforgettable. As we all have a bag to be packed in our mind which is easy to carry with more pockets to be used.

Health Kit

The medical kit is one of the essential things you should keep it with you to avoid scrapes, bug bites food poisoning, fever, and other ailments. I used to keep a kit with me that include pain relief, medicines, Neosporin and other antibiotics. It assists with a safe and memorable trip every time you go for.

Pack your favorite Toiletries

Many people rely on hotel toiletries but it’s not always safe. Keep your basic things like shampoo, soaps, paste, comb, tissues and more in small travel kit or in a travel sized bottles. That will keep basic things organized and consume less space.

Keep Electronics and Liquid in a Convenient Place

It is most important to keep your electronic items and liquid safely which helps to get through airport checking and you can easily use as per need. You should keep in a carryon bag that will be with you while traveling. That aid to avoid things to be damaged while traveling.

Jewelry Bag

The hard plastic bag is the best thing to keep your jewelry safe for a necklace, small plastic zip bag for earrings and finger rings. The aim of a bag is to prevent tangling in accessories by providing zip bags which is even easy to keep and pick.

I am sure it will not take more than 30 minutes to pack tour travel bag as mentioned above with ease and comfort. While traveling no one like to carry big heavy bags as we are going to enjoy and relax during the weekend to spend holidays in the best way. So keep your things well with less consume space to reduce the heavy load of bags.

Historical Essence of Meenakshi Temple

A historical Hindu Meenakshi temple also is known by “Sundareshwar Temple” and “Meenakshi Amman” located in the Madurai, the temple city of Tamil Sangam literature, India. Since years people are visiting this holy place via Tamilnadu Temple Tour Packages.

One will always find something new with each visit as the structure of a temple is old enough which narrates the history of God. Temple is purely dedicated to goddess Meenakshi i.e. a form of Parvati and Lord Sundareshwar i.e. form of Shiva. An ancient, walled, Hindu place of God’s worship that gives peace of mind which insist you to visit again and again and again to find something epic about this Tamilnadu temple.


The etymology of Meenakshi Amman

Unlike most Shiva temples where Lord Shiva is the principal, here goddess Meenakshi is the principal deity of the temple. King Malayadwaja and his wife performed a yajan but instead of a son they have a 3-year-old daughter with three breasts who had brought up as a son on her demand and when she finds her husband, she will lose her third breast and then after worshiped as Meenakshi.

The temple is a pilgrimage destination within the Shaivism tradition. The temple also includes narratives and sculptures of Lord Vishnu, brother of Meenakshi Devi.

History & Importance of Meenakshi Temple

Goddess Meenakshi is described as the divine ruler along with Lord Shiva were the deities. As per the research and text, it is been found that Meenakshi temple is one of the oldest and in Madurai from mid 6th century. As it was discovered to be the Sangam of Scholars or a place where scholars meet. In Tamil text, a temple is known by different name origins as a place includes goddess of a warrior.

Geography of Temple in Madurai City

The present structure of the temple is been rebuilt in 16th and 17th century. As per the Hindu text on architecture call “Silpa Shastras” is followed for redesigning the Meenakshi Temple. The temple streets name is known my Tamil Hindu month names. The temple city grew again around the new temple, with human settlements structured along their castes. Madurai as one of the oldest holly cities of India which is known as South Mathura. It is purely a significant gesture towards god and goddess.

Gopuram Structure of Temple

Meenakshi temple has 14 colorful gopuras which are the gateways to various shrines and mandapas. Its embedded inside three different walled with four gateways each side. This Tamilnadu temple has 4 nine-story gopurams known as Raja, 1 seven-story gopurams known as Chittirai/Muttalakkum, 5 five-story gopurams, 2 three-story and 2 two-story gold gilded sanctum towers. If you visit once, you will go again and again to visit this composite auspicious Meenakshi Temple.

Temple Tank and surrounding Portico

The local governors known by Nayakas extended the temple compound by sacred pool Saptasaharam for pilgrim’s ablution before heading to the temple. It is been rebuilt as Golden Lotus Tank named from Porthamarai Kulum. Only a fraction of 17th and 18th-century paintings of Nayak period survives on the Westside portion of the tank. It depicts the marriage of Sundareswarar and Meenakshi attained by Vijayaranga Chokkanatha and Rani Mangammla.

Hall & Mandapam at Meenakshi Temple

A place for choultry or pilgrims to rest at Pillared-halls (Mandapas) built by kings over the centuries. The corridor is built in a way were birds are trained to say the name “Meenakshi”. If you go and visit you can observe the presence of parrots sitting on a lady as a pillar. The thousand pillar hall contains 985 carved pillars, with two shrines occupying space from remaining 15. Apart from this you can also see marriage pictures of Lords well painted by the artist on wall pillars.

There are plenty of other musical pillars which sound like instruments on tapping them and isolated paintings of lords are like storytelling. So let’s plan a tour and discover walls of Meenakshi Temple by best means through Tamilnadu tour package.

Why Ooty Is Considered The Best Place To Visit In Tamil Nadu?

India is really an incredible country where it houses from desert to forests, shelters metropolitans to villages filled with people from different casts speaking different languages. Hence it won’t be a surprise that you see something amazing and naturally beautiful here. The states such as Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu are a natural beauty which is cherished by thousands of tourists every year.

The Tamil Nadu is considered more like a mother state of the above-mentioned state which houses many naturally blessed places such as Marina Beach, Hogenakkal, Ooty, etc. Ooty, in particular, is a beautiful place which attracts the most tourists, even more than Kodaikanal. Ooty has been improvised a lot from the Tamil Nadu government to attract more tourists and they have done an exceptional job.

Picturesque Emerald Lake

Ooty is a place that gives the traveller the feeling of travelling overseas to a country like Scotland or Austria. Ooty attracts domestic as well as international tourists. Ooty is actually the highlight of the Tamil Nadu Tourism which has an excellent selection of hotels, restaurants (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), transportation facilities, etc. Here are some of the places that will justify why Ooty is the best place to visit Tamil Nadu.

Government Botanical Gardens

The government botanical garden is one of the amazing sites that Ooty has to offer apart from the obvious mountains and waterfalls. The botanical garden is located in Udhagamandalam that stretches up to 55 Hectares which lies on the peak of Doddabetta peak. This garden has various species of flora out of which some of them have medicinal properties. The unique climates make this garden amazingly beautiful especially in the months of November and December.

St. Stephen’s Church

The Saint Stephen church has a great history that dates back to the 19th century during the British rule. This church was established by Stephen Rumbold Lushington, the then Governor of Madras. This church was the best church in Ooty which was the summer spot for British governors and officers. The church has an amazing architecture that sets a positive ambiance for the churchgoers that resonates with their faithful vibes.

Nilgiri train ride

The mountain train ride is an amazing experience where the meter gauge train travels up to 46km where the train ride is filled with tunnels and bridges that offer the rider amazing sights to cherish. This train ride also has a history with many romantic Bollywood songs, so if you are on your honeymoon make sure you enjoy this train ride with your significant half.

Mudumalai National Park

The Mudumalai National Park is an amazing place for a safari with your family and friends. The Mudumalai National Park is house to many endangered species and vegetation life. The Mudumalai National Park has a vital population of Tigers which are included in the list of endangered species. Hence Tigers are the star of the Mudumalai National Park. If you ever visit Ooty then don’t forget to take a safari tour of the national park.

Here are a few of the many attractions that are in the beautiful town of Ooty and the nearby areas. If you ever take a tour then do include Ooty in your list of places to visit. Whether you are alone or with your group, Ooty always caters the best sight and experience that you can see in Tamil Nadu.

Amazing Places To Visit In Rameshwaram

The state of Tamil Nadu is blessed with many different places that can be considered as the natural heritage of India. There are many places such as Chennai, Madurai, Pondicherry, Mamallapuram, etc. But the one place that stands out as not only a tourist destination but also a pilgrimage destination is Rameshwaram. The town of Rameshwaram is home to several heritage sites and temples that are worth visiting if you ever visit the place.

Rameshwaram also popularly known as the Island city has been the centre of attraction for many tourists from all around the world. For years many travellers and pilgrims are visiting Rameshwaram regularly and enjoying their stay at this beautiful place. Rameshwaram is one of the “Char Dhams” of India which puts Rameshwaram in the bucket list of every Hindu devotee. Rameshwaram in simple terms is an area that covers the divine and natural essence of India in a single place. Here are some of the best places to visit on the island of Rameshwaram.


Adam’s Bridge

Adam’s bridge or popularly known as the Ram Setu is a bridge that was believed to be built by Lord Ram and his army in the attempt to cross the sea to reach Sri Lanka. This bridge connects the southern coast of Rameshwaram with the northern coast of Sri Lanka which stretches over 50 km long. Hence it is a worth visiting place that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple

This is one of the main temples that are dedicated to Lord Shiva which is also famous for the wide collection of Lingas. These Lingas are made up of sand, salt, stone, etc which makes it special considering it is still standing after so many years. This temple is one of few temples that is designed according to Dravidian style architecture. Hence it is a great place to visit to attain peace of mind.

Ariyaman Beach

The Ariyaman beach or more widely known as Kushi Beach is around 2 km long which puts it in the list of special beaches of India. This beach is characterized by calm soothing waves and cleanliness which makes it a perfect place for family tours and picnics. That is the reason this beach holds a significant place in the list of worth visiting places near Rameshwaram.

Water Bird sanctuary

Places like the water bird sanctuary prove that Rameshwaram is not only a religious spot but also a natural heritage site. This sanctuary is home to several migratory water birds that come between the months of October to January. This sanctuary turns into a battleground of migratory water birds during their breeding season. This water bird sanctuary is definitely one of the best tourist places in Rameshwaram.

Five faced Hanuman temple

The Hanuman temple is just 2 km away from Rameshwaram temple where five manifestations of Lord Hanuman can be seen. This temple is among the prestigious places to visit in Tamil Nadu. The famous idol of Lord Hanuman’s five manifestations is carved out of a large Senthooram Stone which was considered precious in old times. If you wish to visit these temples in Rameshwaram then you can opt for Tamil Nadu temple tour packages that can be availed from many online travel websites.

Here are some of the most amazingly significant places to visit in Rameshwaram. A magnitude of people loves to visit Rameshwaram during the season time during which the place is filled with pilgrims, travellers, and tourists. Hence if you are ever in Tamil Nadu, don’t miss out on this amazing Island City.